My favourite fonts to use in 2020

My favourite fonts to use in 2020

My favourite fonts to use in 2020

Every designer/web designer has their favorite fonts and font pairings they like to use. I have my favorites too and as time goes by and I discover some new fonts – my go-to fonts change. In this post, I am going to list the fonts and fonts pairing I like to use now. My #1 criteria for a good font – it has to be easy to read at any size and font-weight. I also don’t like to use more than 2 fonts on the site, unless it is necessary. Let’s dive into it.

Freight Sans & Proxima Nova

I will start with one of my favourite (I used this combination on my website) is the Feight Sans (headings) + Proxima Nova (body text). Both fonts are from the Adobe Fonts library. Adobe fonts are easy to add to any web project, but you need to have an active Adobe account to use it on your website. You can find instructions on how to add Adobe font to your project here


This combo is just one font Rubik with different font-weights. It’s a Google font, which means you can use it for free. Another advantage of using Google fonts is they are easy to integrate into any website. If you are using a page builder like Divi or Beaver Builder or other you don’t have to do any extra steps of installing the font – just select it.

Playfair Display & Muli

This pair is made from Playfair Display font and Muli (Google fonts). Muli looks great on the web page, easy to read and comes with a lot of font-weight variations from Extra Light to Black. I usually use this font for body text, however, the Extra-Bold or Black font-weights look great in Headings as well. The Playfair Display doesn’t need an introduction – this font is hard to pass when you need a strong good-looking display/serif font.

Quicksand & PT Sans

PT Sans (Google font) is one of those fonts that you can pare pretty much with any other font and the italic style of this font looks very nice too. On one of the sites I designed, I used it as the main text font and paired it with Quicksand (Google font) for headings. 


The font that doesn’t need pairing and looks good for headings and as a body text by changing the font-weight is Heebo (Google font). However this font comes without Italyc styles, so if you need to have an italic text, you will need to pair wit some other, for example, Open Sans (also Google font and very popular).

Starling & Frank Ruhl Libre

Generally, I prefer to use sans fonts to serif for use on the website. However, I have a favourite combo of serif fonts. It is Starling (Adobe font) and Frank Ruhl Libre (Google font). I think the pair looks great together.