Website maintenance is an important part of a website’s stability. You have invested money in your website, so why just leave it unprotected?


Depending on your plan, your Website Maintenance will include:

Website Updates

The WordPress CMS is continuously evolving which means there are many updates/upgrades being developed (fixing conflicts, bugs or security issues). Regular updating your site will help you protect your investment.

Website Backups

Depending on your plan we will create monthly or weekly backups of your website – including all files, themes, plugins, databases etc.

Performance Monitoring

We will check your site for broken links and fix them (no 404 errors), monitor website speed and website up-time.

Security Monitoring

We will perform basic security checks for suspicious activity, cleaning spam and increasing security if required.

Technical Support

Design changes and content updates (text, photos, blog posts upload) are available at a discounted rate for clients who have signed up for maintenance plan.

Always know what you’ll pay.